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GKB LAW FIRM; consists of lawyers who are experts in the fields of consultancy, litigation and enforcement attorneyship, and the partners of our office also participate in projects. As a result of solution-oriented work for the needs of its clients, it is committed to providing relevant sector expertise and specific solution suggestions required by client needs.


There is our innovative and transformative perspective that makes us different from the others, making us “us”

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We work with expert staff who are experienced in various fields of law.


Our young and dynamic team offers you solution-oriented approaches.

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Service in All Fields of Law, More Than 15 Years of Experience and Experience


As GKB Law Firm, we are ready to provide you with all kinds of legal support in the field of attorneyship.

Executive Attorney

GKB law firm provides legal support in the follow-up and collection of receivables in the files where the clients are in the position of creditor and the follow-up of the cases heard in the enforcement courts.

Consultant Services

We are ready to provide professional support in all your corporate and personal legal transactions.

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You can review our articles where you can get information about your legal rights.

What is the Patient's Right to Consent?

One of the frequently asked questions when it comes to patients' rights is the question of what is the patient's right to consent. Consent is a concept that expresses consent to something to be done.

Objection to Valuable Housing Tax

Valuable housing tax, which is one of the steps taken to ensure tax justice and collect taxes according to income, has caused some grievances.

Patient's Right to Refuse Treatment

Individuals who apply to health institutions due to health problems have the right to benefit from all kinds of treatment.

Right to Personal Treatment

The concept of patient rights, which is based on the Lisbon Declaration, is an umbrella concept that expresses the coming together of more than one right. In this direction, some rights of patients who apply to health institutions have been determined and these are legally guaranteed.

Patient's Right to Free Choice

Patients who apply to health institutions due to any health problem have the right to free choice for all procedures to be carried out on them.

International Basis for Freedom of Choice

The Lisbon Declaration, which presented the concept of patient rights to the world health literature, also constitutes the basis for the patient's right to free choice. As a result of the decisions taken in this declaration, the granting of various rights to patients has been legally guaranteed in many countries.

Patients with Treatment Priority

People who apply to health institutions in a normal way without an appointment are generally examined according to their registration order.

Patient's Right to Compensation

The concept of patient rights, which was included in the health literature for the first time with the Lisbon Declaration, was later expanded with different agreements and entered into force in many countries with some adaptations.